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Welcome to the Cardigan Traders Web Site. This is the homepage of Cardigan's leading trade association.









  1. to promote a favourable business climate
  2. to represent the interests of our members
  3. to provide services for the benefit of members
  4. to promote the area to businesses of all types
  5. to encourage the highest quality of service in local business
  6. to promote Cardigan and it’s surrounding area to potential customers
  7. to engage in any activity which further the above interests


If you are a business in Cardigan and you agree with these statements please visit our contact page and get in touch.

We'd love to welcome you on board. 



Julian and Keith with Nick Clegg



Cardigan Traders lobby for

fair business rates for our town centres in Wales.


Cardigan Traders former Chairman Julian Beynon-Lewis, and former Chairman Keith Davies lobbying the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg M.P.on the issue of fair business rates in 2012.


Officers of Cardigan Traders travelled to Westminster to lobby Wales Office Minister, Baroness Jenny Randerson and Ceredigion MP, Mark Williams on the subject of business rates in the same year. (below)




Cardigan Traders at Westminster with Baroness Randerson




In the past few years we  met The Deputy Prime Minister and had a frank, face to face meeting with him. He was very supportive regarding the high business rates we have been paying since the revaluations in 2010 and the effect this has on the business on the High Street.


We also had a meeting in the Wales Office in London with Mark Williams M.P. and again had a frank and open face to face meeting with Welsh Office Minister, Baroness Jenny Randerson. Both said that we need to see a revaluation of business rates in Wales as soon as possible. This revaluation has now taken place and we are pleased to report that there will be significant savings for most retail businesses in Cardigan.


We also have the support of the Ceredigion AM Elin Jones for our campaign.


We strongly believe that town centres have to suffer the joint problems of high business rates and high parking fees, and numerous restrictions whilst trying to compete with purpose built, out of town developments, encouraged by successive governments and local authorities over the last 20 years. Our High Streets are at crisis point and need immediate help if they are to survive. Every town and city in Wales is being affected and action is required urgently, so we continue to campaign for a fairer system of charging local business taxes.


As you know this campaign was partially successful with small business rate relief being available to small businesses ever since.